What Is RealVitalize?

Homebuyers Are Expecting More

In our very interesting market, homebuyers are expecting more from home sellers. Overall, buyers are looking for homes that are priced to sell, move in ready, and may expect the seller to offer some concessions as well. This is interesting, as our current available inventory is still lower than it was in 2019. Translation: we’re still in a seller’s market, yet buyer’s are behaving as if we’re in a buyer’s market. This is putting more pressure on home sellers to have their homes in the best condition possible prior to listing them.

Realize YOUR Home’s Top Value

RealVitalize helps you get top dollar for your home with nothing out of pocket upfront, zero interest charges and no lien filed against your property. You simply pay what you owe at closing.* You can enroll your home at any point along the journey as long as I’m your REALTOR and you have a signed listing agreement with me. It costs you nothing to enroll in the program even if you decide you don’t want to make any improvements! However, before we go any further, take a quick listen to the success story below:

Success Story


RealVitalize helps by removing the stress out of all home improvements! You will be assigned an experienced Angi Project Consultant to oversee all projects from start to finish.

You don’t have to worry about hiring a “fly-by-night” company who leaves you in the lurch! Angi’s network is comprised of trusted service professionals who deliver amazing results on time and on budget!

As your REALTOR, I’m here to help you spot the changes that will net you the largest return for the money you spend. Sometimes simply painting and staging your home can make a very significant difference in sales price!


Small changes can make a big difference. You can enroll your home at anytime, as long as you have a valid listing agreement signed with me as your REALTOR! However, I highly suggest getting your home ready prior to listing it. It costs you nothing to enroll and you aren’t obligated to make any of the improvements. Once enrolled, it takes about 2 days to receive confirmation. Almost all homes qualify. (New homes can qualify for staging costs.)Experienced Project Consultants from Angi will coordinate contractors and estimates. You can relax, knowing you’re working with a team of professionals! You aren’t obligated to make any of the improvements. Alternately, should the improvements cost more than the RealVitalize budget allows, you are permitted to pay the difference out of pocket prior to work beginning. (Anything covered under the RealVitalize program will be paid at closing.*)Top-rated, local specialists will begin your home renovations! No matter how big or how small the project, you won’t have to pay upfront as long as it’s covered within your allowed RealVitalize amount. (This amount is usually 3% of the total REALTOR commission you will be paying on your home.)Participation in the RealVitalize program can help maximize your home’s sale price. The cost of your projects are deducted from the proceeds of the sale of your home*, with no interest, markups, or fees. Sometimes cosmetic improvements can make the difference between a home that sells for the asking price (or above!), and one that sits on the market for months!
*Seller must pay for work upon earlier of closing, listing no longer being in effect, or 12 months after completion of first job. If settlement proceeds are insufficient to cover the RealVitalize project costs, seller must pay the balance within 15 days after closing.


Drab To Fab

My kitchen and baths are really outdated. Help me with the updates that can help generate more buyer interest and add a “wow” factor!


I don’t want to spend a lot, however, would like to make a few improvements that will give me the biggest “bang for my buck.”

Finishing Touches

My house is in pretty decent shape. I just need some help presenting it so that it shows well.

Can I make structural changes with RealVitalize?

No. RealVitalize doesn’t cover structural changes such as removing walls, foundation repairs or room additions.

Will RealVitalize cover an entire roof replacement?

No. However, it may cover repairs.

Can I replace flooring?

Yes! You can replace that old shag carpeting!

Can I replace old appliances?

Yes! You can replace old/outdated appliances with new ones.

Will RealVitalize cover a kitchen/bath “refresh?”

Yes! From painting cabinets, replacing countertops, and/or flooring, RealVitalize can help you update the most important rooms in your home.

I have so much stuff I can’t even clean or paint. Does RealVitalize cover junk removal?

Yes! You’re in luck! Junk hauling is included in the services that are allowed.

Now that the junk is gone, I need to patch some holes, and change out some hardware. Are handy-man costs covered?

Yes! Handyman services are covered.

Now that I’ve de-junked and fixed some things up, I need to paint. Is painting covered?

Absolutely! Interior and exterior painting are covered and it is one of the best investments you can make prior to listing your home for sale!

Can I replace my old outdated lighting fixtures with canned lighting?

You sure can! Some electrical and plumbing services/repairs are covered with RealVitalize!

My home is in excellent condition, however, it could really use some curb appeal. Will RealVitalize help with this?

Yes! Landscaping and lawn maintenance services to give your home more curb appeal are covered!

I’ve already moved out and really think staging my home could help it sell. Will RealVitalize funds cover this?

Yes! You can use funds from the RealVitalize program to stage your home and make it a show-stopper!

I really think everything just needs a good cleaning. Is this a permissible use of funds?

Yes! RealVitalize covers cleaning, including carpet cleaning!

I need to put some of my extra stuff in a storage unit. Can I use my RealVitalize funds for this?

Yes, you sure can!

*The above list of RealVitalize services is subject to change.


RealVitalize covers almost every home, including new homes. However, new homes may only qualify for staging services. RealVitalize DOES have a maximum budget per renovation which is between $20,000-$50,000, (depending on which brokerage your REALTOR is with), or your listing agent’s commission rate, whichever is lower. For example if you have a home that is listed at $385,000, and your listing agent is rendering services for 3%, the total amount of RealVitalize money available upfront would be $11,550. ($385,000 x 3% = $11,550)


Please be sure and download this very comprehensive document as it has many questions answered! Alternately, I would love to chat with you!